Why Garnaut Private Wealth?

Proven expertise

GPW has a highly experienced, long-standing advisory and support team, with a proven track record in dealing with high net worth individuals and business entrepreneurs. Our clients value our philosophy of professional transparency, and our ability to work with accountants, solicitors, and other professionals to service your needs.

GPW possess a unique blend of skills and experience to add value to every client’s financial situation. We have a strong understanding of legal and taxation issues and the ability to integrate corporate and trust structures into our strategic advice. This ensures the complete integration of all aspects of a client’s financial affairs.

Holistic advice

GPW adopts a holistic approach to advisory and wealth management. GPW’s holistic advice approach incorporates all entities in a client’s balance sheet, irrespective of whether the entity’s assets are managed by GPW.

GPW conducts a thorough analysis of your core value drivers, in addition to your financial goals and objectives. The result of this process is advice which encompasses your entire life cycle, from wealth accumulation to preservation and its ultimate transition to your beneficiaries.

Our approach requires a significant time investment by both the Adviser and Client to determine what is most important to you.  On average, GPW advisers initially meet with clients up to 3 times before a strategic statement of advice can be considered. It is only at the end of this process an appropriate investment solution can be considered to meet your objectives.  

Not owned by a bank or financial institution

GPW is privately owned and prides itself on its position as one of Australia’s strongest and longest standing financial advisory firms not owned by a major bank or financial corporation. This allows GPW to recommend a wide range of investment solutions, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of its sophisticated client base.  

Institutional knowledge with boutique service

GPW adopts a progressive Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction philosophy which focuses on generating long term absolute returns. “Absolute return” refers to the aim of producing positive returns in both rising and falling investment markets.  

The Garnaut Absolute Return Theme (GART) forms the foundation of our client portfolios. GART consists of a group of highly skilled Investment Managers operating across all asset classes.  We then blend these Investment Managers together using our proprietary software, with the aim of creating a portfolio that produces absolute or positive returns through all investment cycles.  

Many firms in the private wealth sector offer limited investment solutions due to their ownership structure or limited resources. In contrast, GPW has unrestricted access to investments in every sector and may include allocation to any of the traditional or alternative asset classes.

GPW’s investment solutions are rigorously scrutinised from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective prior to being approved by our Investment Committee. An intensive ongoing monitoring programme ensures recommended solutions remain appropriate to the ongoing needs and objectives of our clients.

GPW has a long standing philosophy of using in-house research to generate “tailor-made” investment opportunities for clients.  As a leading Private Wealth advisory firm, GPW also has access to information from all leading research houses, investment banks and consultancy firms locally and overseas.