Advising Self Managed Super Funds

The clients of Garnaut Private Wealth include many business entrepreneurs, individuals with high incomes and self-funded retirees. Many of these clients choose to place some of their retirement savings in a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

In choosing to place retirement savings in an SMSF, clients are often seeking greater control over investment decisions, lower costs and a wider range of investment types than can be achieved through retirement savings in a public offer superannuation fund. With a wider range of investments available, SMSF trustees can choose a portfolio which is diversified to meet their own investment profile.

The objective of Garnaut Private Wealth advice is to ensure that the investment performance of the SMSF is tailored to meet the personal objectives of the members of the fund, as expressed in the investment strategy.

Through experience in providing financial advice to their clients, many of with significant assets, the advisers at Garnaut Private Wealth are experienced in providing expert advice to SMSF trustees on:

  • establishing the SMSF investment portfolio to achieve long term investment gains
  • diversifying the SMSF portfolio to achieve your risk-return objectives
  • monitoring portfolio performance and investment strategy
  • portfolio changes or adjustments to maintain performance or respond to changes in strategy
  • appropriate and economic protection for members, as required.

Note that Garnaut Private Wealth does not give advice to clients looking to establish a self-managed superannuation fund. We do have a referral service to qualified and experienced accountants and lawyers who can advise on the legal and accounting aspects of the SMSF. This includes the suitability of an SMSF, the costs and administrative effort involved, the responsibilities of SMSF trustees and the annual cycle of returns to the ATO and other compliance procedures.

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