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A full range of services
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The Garnaut Private Wealth difference

“The unique circumstances of each family require us to create a financial solution involving elements of many different services - we can't be limited in our thinking.”
Christian Zimmer – Partner

As a full-service boutique advisory firm, we have expertise across investments, accounting, tax, insurance, loan arrangements, superannuation and estate planning. We also work closely with carefully chosen expert accountants, lawyers and other professionals to service client needs. This complete service offering is rarely available from other financial service providers, who generally specialise in aspects of your financial affairs.

Service Garnaut Accountant Lawyer Financial Planner Stock
Private Bank
Investments + x x + + x
Cash Management Account + x x + x +
Balance Sheet Analysis + + x + x x
Asset Allocation + x x + x +
Cash Flow Management + + x x + x
Taxation + + x x x +
Custody/Reporting + x + + + x
Personal Services + x + x + +
Estate Planning + + + x + x

Further details on our range of services are found below:

Advising Self-managed Superannuation Funds

Our clients include individuals and families who have been in control of private businesses, public companies or large charitable organisations and, to maintain control over their retirement savings, they choose to place some of these savings in a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

Garnaut Absolute
Return Theme (GART)

“Introduced in 2001 through our proprietary specialist boutique and value theme, the aim of GART is to produce long term 'absolute returns' through all market cycles.”
Geoff Schubert – Chief Investment Officer

Wholesale Commercial
Property Syndication

Property investment is an integral part of successful investment portfolios and our clients are provided with preferential access to some of Australia's premier unlisted property trusts.

Risk Management

Many of our clients and their families have appreciated the benefits of income protection, cover for critical illness or injury or life or disability cover arranged by our risk management team, who collectively have over 50 years of experience in the development and implementation of wealth protection and personal insurance strategies. This includes expertise in comparative insurance terms and conditions to provide you with the best in underwriting advice, product quality, ease of assessment and claims experience.